Yiannis Nomikos



Born  1949 in Athens Greece.  From the age of 13  to 23 studied and worked on greek vases using the techniques of ancient art.

1974 moved to New York and in 1976 attended The Art Students League in Manhattan.  There, under Jack Faragasso studied perspective, drawing, and traditional oil techniques.

Drawing has become his favorite expression in art.  Since 1979 began drawing scenes of the every day life of people of  New York and later other cities like Stockholm, Amsterdam, Athens, Medellin .

While in New York, also worked as a Muralist and Tromp l’oeil artist for famous architects and interior designers like Valerian Rybar. During that time was commissioned work at the homes of Claudio Bruni in Tunis and Rome.In 1982 moved  to Sweden and lived in Stockholm and sold work to private collectors.

1983 went to Finland and worked with artist Henry Alert in clay compositions, exhibiting in Helsinki .

1985 moved back to New York and became an American citizen and continued to sell painting for private collectors.

2001 started travelling between New York and Athens.

2008 exhibited at the Leslie and Lohman gallery in Soho.

2011 group exhibition (Natura) at Eugenidion Foundation, June 6 to July 15, Athens, Greece.

2011 one man show (Temperate Zone) at Art Zone Gallery, November 7, Athens, Greece.

2011 group exhibition at Antonopoulou gallery, December 17, Athens, Greece.

2012 group exhibition at Gallery 50-1, March 16, Limassol, Cyprus.

2012 group exhibition at Gallery Art Zone, June 16, Athens, Greece.

2012 group exhibition at Stratopedon gallery, June 21, Thessaloniki, Greece

2012 group exhibition at Camp gallery, December 17, Athens, Greece.

2013 group exhibition at 50-1 gallery, March 16, Limassol, Cyprus.

2013  group exhibition at Mobius gallery, April 28, Boston, Massachusetts.

2013 group exhibition at the event Art Athina – 2013, Athens, Greece

2015 3 Jan.- 27 March Museum Plastic Arts Heraclium Kreeta. Group Exhibition Name ZOO

2015 21 May – 3 of June THISSION LOFTS- group Exhibition Museum Ικαστικων Τεχνων Ηρακλειου .Θαμα ΖΟΟ

2015 June 10-20 Group exhibition Nicosia – Limassol

2015 one man show (Eternal Moments) at Art Zone Gallery, 25 June, Athens Greece

2015 group exhibition September 6-15 International exhibition Thessaloniki HELEXPO

2016 group exhibitionat Art Zone 42 gallery,  theme Athens matters.

2016 group exchibition Prisma art gallery, Athens Greece 16 December

2016 – 2017 group excibition at Gallery One Dec 16 to Jan 20

2016 group excibition at  Gallery Chip Art Dec 9 to 19

2017 group excibition at Art Zone 42 ( the red line ) Jan 12 to Feb 4